Micro Inverter

ไมโครอินเวอร์เตอร์ ขนาด3000W

PSOL-MS3000H DC input 20A, AC Output 3000W


PROJOY PSOL Micro-inverters makes photovoltaic power generation systems safer, more efficient and smarter. Which realize module-level MPPT tracking, maximize the power generation efficiency of the PV power generation system, and generate up to 25% more electricity than the traditional system.

Highlights :
  • AC output power, up to 3000W
  • DC input current per string, up to 20A
  • Max efficiency up to 97.2%
  • Compatible with all High-power or low-power solar modules
  • Individual power conversion, up to 6 MPPTs, fit for complicated roof installation
  • P67 design, high level of dustproof and waterproof, suitable for outdoor
  • “One-button”networking configuration with multiple micro inverters at the same time, unique monitoring solution for micro inverter